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The Best Imitation of Myself
It's been awhile. it might be longer.

I'm well aware that I still need to do katie's meme. I'm working on it. (that was just for you)

I'm housesitting in a place with no internet. so a post will not come in the next week.

I'm having a party. here's where i'll put the directions...

Directions to the houseCollapse )


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4 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
I have 12 actual days and 7 school days (days where I actually have to go to Lemoyne and do something) before my semester is over. and I'm going to finish it if it kills me. which it very well could. I'm overreacting. if I get my speech done and don't screw up my french grade I should be ok. Before the madness is over I have...

Last comm speech (it's on lice... don't ask) (MONDAY)
Read the stupid Owl Book/REL Quiz (MONDAY)
French Backwork (ASAP)
Rewrite my St. Joan paper (THURSDAY)
Rewrite my Tubman/Douglass Paper... twice (THURSDAY and NEXT FRIDAY)
Religion presentation (FRIDAY)
Possible large French assignment that I don't know about (?)
French Final (NEXT TUESDAY)
Music final (seriously? NEXT TUESDAY)
Religion final (NEXT FRIDAY)

and after that I'm free to work as much as I feel necessary. so this next week I'm hoping to get another job or line up a few babysitting jobs for extra cash. My life should also return as more and more people come back to Syracuse for the summer.

In other news I hate my life and how I tend to fuck it up by overwhelming myself. this usually happens when I put off school for things that are less important but seemingly more urgent, like issues at work. or possible extra time. or a babysitting job. because when it's offered to me, the immediate thought that comes to my head is, 'yeah i need to make money to save money,' instead of 'no. i have an important assignment to worry about today.' in short: I suck.

I've been working out a lot lately. and for awhile i was eating healthier. but i stopped when my mom starting working on our kitchen. After school's over i can work out mornings and have evenings free. yesss. that is all on that topic...

Do you ever feel hopeless? or like just qutting altogether. lazy people make lazy life seem nice. but I'm thinking it sucks, actually. yeah.

last post. music questions. badly represented. yeah.

alright I'm done.


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1 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
that line is so good...

some random thoughts.

there's nothing that makes me happier than rediscovering an old favorite. seriously. just listen to something you loved like 2 years ago. it's ridiculous how quickly it comes back... my for instance for today is the Last Five Years. I was playing piano and pulled out my L5Y book for fun. it's ridiculous how great that show is. and how awesome Norbie happens to be. the strings are so great and the changes are so great and sometimes i just can't handle how awesome music can be. Music fucking rocks...

So i have to write a 10 page paper for music, and that's my only really ridiculously long assignment for the semester. and we got to pick the topic. 15 points for whoever can guess what that topic was. it's fucking easy.

why am i swearing so much...

so a few weeks ago it dawned on me that one day I will have to be an adult and act accordingly. this was probably the most depressing realization that I've had in a while. the fact that i don't get to act like an idiot at friendly's or break out in song at random moments at work, or slip into bad accents or use Franglish, or use slang from days past, or literary language. I love using literary language conversationally, mostly because of the looks i get when i do it. Anyway those are the types of things i wish i could do for the rest of my life. but alas, 'tis not so.

don't listen to musicals in shuffle mode. it messes with your head.

I realized recently that i can't take summer classes because all i need is courses in my major, they don't offer those in the summer. they only offer summer classes for people who need to fulfill their core requirements, and my core requirements are filled and then some. it sucks... but because of this i can concentrate on less important but more fun things, and also possibly get another job. something i consider doing every summer, but never actually do. but this summer might be different just because I'm used to working so much. summer might be hard to handle...

seriusly. have you ever heard Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years? it's AMAZING!!! I wish i could do anything as great as JRB writes music.

These previous statements in no way nullify my love and worship of Stephen Sondheim (just felt i needed to clarify. didn't want to throw anyone off)

I've been working out and eating healthy. this is the first time I've done it where I haven't had to force myself to go to the gym. so hopefully I can get more healthy. we'll see. Pretty soon I'll start bench pressing kinder kids. anyway today i ran for 45 minutes and was on the ERG machine (rowing) for another half hour. I was having a hard time with the ERG until I started singing songs in my head, and then the time went by fast. this is why getting an iPod willaid in my workoutage. about a month until i can do that i think.

like 4 more weeks until my semester is over. how great is that?

I've recently gotten over a long long crush. it took too long but it's done. also, i've decided not to worry about my friendships because you never know what's going to happen in the future. *insert rent lyric here* so I'm just going to deal.

SU football players are hot. and Erin likes when they volunteer to sign photographs at healthy kids day at the Y.

alright I think that that might be it. I'll conclude with some fun that I stole from Katie (sotoya)

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post a line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: You can cheat if you reeeeeeeeeeeally don't know it.

it's sad how many of these will be musicals...Collapse )

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5 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
So it's been awhile. and to tell you the truth I probably shouldn't even be updating but I hate school right now. I have a religion midterm. in about 3 hours. and it's just implausible that I'll do well on it seeing as how I forgot about it until like a half an hour ago. plus I accidentally skipped the review thinking that we wouldn't do anything important the first day back from break. oops.

Anyway. here's some random things.

I only came out here to thinkCollapse )

Ok, that's it. woo. didn't know I had so much to talk about.


PS I'm loving this autosave thing, but I don't really know how to retrieve my save if I need it...?

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I swore I was listening
I think there's something very gracious about being able to forgive someone. To forgive someone for hurting you or making you feel a certain terrible way has to be one of the most difficult things to do. But to be able to recognize a person's sincerity and accept it and move on is such an amazing talent. It's hard for me to get rid of grudges. But I'd like to think that if given enough time I recognize the good in the people I care about. And that sometimes you just need to realize that what you think might be a really bad idea, can end up on a positive note.

I don't have a lot of friends, but I'd like to think that the ones I have are the ones I need. And when I need someone, I know that they'll be there for me. This is something I don't think I understood for a long time. and I know that if I remind myself of this, then my overall mental health will improve. I used to think that it was a negative reflection on me to be alone. This was the me who didn't know how to make myself happy. but I realize now that alone time is a time to reflect and understand yourself, so that when you're with people, you don't go around fucking it all up.

One of my goals in life is to see past the first impression. How much do we stress over meeting people for the first time? First day of classes, first day of work, meeting friends. There's noone you're hurting more than yourself by being tense and uncomfortable. And if you think about it, there's not many people who will judge on first impression alone. So I think that the first impression is bull crap. Lots of the people that I respect most, I had completely different impressions of when I first became aware of them. So in conclusion, down with first impressions (and second and third and fourth ones too, for that matter)

I feel no need to provide context or examples...

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2 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
ho hum. not much going on in the life of Erin. Valentine's day was very un-valentiney as usual. but at least it was busy so I didn't have time to reflect. and I did get stuff from my kids (including a super awesome ice cream dish full of candy made by Ryan McMahon's Mommy. It's times like these I wish I had a digital camera because there's no way to describe it but it's flipping awesome.)

I'm stalling. I should be writing my english paper that I wanted to start at least 2 weeks ago, but didn't. and now it's due tomorrow. and it's only a few pages, but it's supposed to be a really good few pages and it won't be. fuck. plus I have to write a speech for Friday and I wanted to have that written already so that I could just practice it tomorrow but it looks like that's going to suck too. but on the good side, after this week things should be a little simpler since next week is the kids week off from school, so I have easier hours, and the week after that I'm out for a little over a week ("spring break") so i just have to get through this week and I'll be ok. and failing the first paper is a lot worse than failing the last paper. not that I'd fail. I'd just get a C. I'm a nerd and I'm babbling.

more rambling: friends and new good musicCollapse )

okay that's all. on to antigone I suppose.


PS. to add to my friend rant, I'm quite pissed that about half of my user icons are inside jokes and I can no longer use them. same goes for away messages... Freaking A.

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1 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
A few things to get out there before my 28+ hours of school and work sans sleep (ugh)... shouldn't be too long

I hate it that there's no way that I can understand everything in the world. If the world was to my liking, it would be large enough to keep me interested for the majority of my life, but finite enough for me to comprehend it's nature sometime shortly before I died. But that's not the case and it pisses me off.

Likewise, I hate that there's no way I could ever possibly read every good book ever written or hear every good musical composition. Part of this is just because there is too much, but the other part is that some of it just doesn't exist. Like, what if there was a truly genius composer in like the 19th century that never told anyone that they wrote the best song ever written, and no one ever heard it. This is what I think about when I'm bored in Music 109.

Guily Pleasure time. I think that there is nothing better in this world than Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand in The Way We Were. And listening to just the opening of that title song is a surefire way to cheer myself up. it is my weakness, and my guily pleasure. mmmm...

I haven't had a musical of the month in a while and I need to change that.

is this too long?


PS a special shout out goes out to my left eye, which was being a pain in the ass about an hour ago and then magically cured itself.

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2 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
So I've been thinking a lot lately about my priorities. and basically I've come to the conclusion that I'm way off from where I think I wanted to be. I started college off with wanting to do what I love and caring about my friendships a whole lot to the point that I was getting depressed and worried about my friends making new friends and me becoming distant from my friends. friends. friends. (my writing is really sucky and disjointed) and it really scared me to lose them.

I think from there I ended up just getting exhausted over the whole thing and deciding that if my friends didn't want me than that was okay and I just stopped trying and let everyone grow apart. This, in retrospect, was a bad move.

So now my priorities are as follows:
saving money to move to NYC
getting good grades so I can get an internship

that's about it. so my life has become my work. I've never been that type of person. I hate working! Of course I love my job. but when there's nothing there but your job, then it's extremely less enjoyable. And while I was overly lazy last year at Fredonia, and this may just be a backlash from all of that, it's still so far off from where I thought I was going that it's scary. It's just so strange. I need to find a happy medium.

I used to care so much about whether or not I was accomplishing things. or helping people. And while I care in some aspects, I've failed completely in the friendship realm. In a way it's good because I used to get depressed when I didn't feel like anyone wanted me around. So there's no more depression. except for when I remember that there really isn't anyone who cares too much about me. which sucks. I'm so confused. I just don't know what I need and want out of myself anymore. god this is so disjointed. Okay let's try again. I used to care an irrational amount about being productive and needed by people. to the point where whenever I wasn't useful I would get depressed. I'm not really that way anymore. which is good because now I'm not depressed anymore. but it sucks because the reason I might not care is because there's no option for being a helpful or productive person. because there's either doing my job well, or not doing it well. Maybe I need to quit (like that would ever happen)

So I was thinking about how my actions have pushed away my friends and I've come to the conclusion that somehow I must have just thought that the better way to deal with things would be to not have to worry about friends. but of course when you decide not to care about people, then they eventually stop caring about you. Lots of times I think people think that being passive agressive is the way to get people to care about you, but the opposite is true. people want to know that you care about them, otherwise while the hell would they bother with you? So inevitably I lost all my friends. Which I'm sure at the time seemed like an okay thing, because I had a bunch of other things to concentrate on so it sisn't matter much. run on. But now that my life has been totally consumed by work and school it's really looking like I'm not happy with how things turned out.

So my new goals are to be less codependant and passive agressive with the few friendships I have left. and of course the fact that I work 35 hours a week and go to school full time should make it easy for me to avoid that. but you never know. so I thought I'd officially post it so that reading this back in a month I can remember that my goal was to start caring again and stop feeling like if I'm not in demand then I don't matter. The problem is that it's hard to work on being a good friend when you're not really anyone's friend. Which is my fault. but I don't know how to get started. Hence the frustration and rambling and all that crap. How do you become a good friend when you don't have the time to devote on friendship. Maybe I should work on a 12 step type thing. god I'm pathetic.

You may be wondering what brought this on. Of course it's partly just recognizing the fact that I have no free time and have very few friendships currently. And I don't really count work friendships, because they just don't count. But the real reason is because I got in a huge fight with my mom to the point where I couldn't function for about 2 hours afterward. One of the ones where she threatens to stop paying for school and kicking me out of the house and I just can't handle it and it was about how she was taking all the money from my paychecks, because she is to pay her bills and I was checking to see how much she owed, me and she spazzed out and just it was bad. Anyway, afterward there wasn't anyone really to talk to about it because there just wasn't anybody. And it was awful and I'm not really sure I'm over it (as evidenced by the long ass entry) and I just miss having friends.

Oh yeah, and the other day I was thinking about how many people I've known in my life who I knew that if I was going to hang out with them I knew it would be awesome, and even if it wasn't great or it was boring or even if it was bad, like if we got in a fight, I was still grateful to have that person for a friend, because I knew that they would care. there's really only one, where I've never had to worry about how I was presenting myself and I never really worried about what that person thought about something I said or did and I wasn't embarrassed and it was just good friends being good friends. And I thought that they would care no matter what, and that I would always care and that was my mistake. And it's probably one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made and it sucks but there's not much I could do about it now. A depressing note to end on but I have too much homework not to end now.


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2 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
Ugh. I figured that since my paid account is almost up and I'm looking to procrastinate right now, I might as well update a tad. You know. because it's been 2 months or so.

Life is still consumed by school and work. But at least I'm enjoying this semester supremely.
Religion, which I thought would suck but has been rather awesome because I have the best religion prof ever. She's not a brother (thank GOD. ha how ironic) and she's getting her doctorate at Syracuse sometime soon. Her dissertation topic? Techno-Wiccanism or something of the like. Rock.

French, the only bad thing about this class is that there's a lot of speaking involved and I kindof suck at French. but that's ok. o, and lots of homework. but I have all my old compositions on file, so that makes it easier. The other problem is that this guy is a better teacher than the one at Fredonia, so the classes aren't equivalents of eachother and I'm behind everyone else. but that doesn't change the fact that lots of those kids are still pretty bad at French.

Public Speaking, Which is good except for days like today, in which I have to actually give a speech. more on that later.

Music, which has yet to be interesting, but should get there soon. I don't blame the prof yet, because we've only learned about Ancient stuff. first off, not much music to talk about, and secondly, we're not going in depth so it's all stuff I know. But the guy seems like an interesting enough prof. so it should be good. OH! and I get to choose a topic for a music paper. and I'm gonna write it on Stephen Sondheim. How freaking awesome is that? So far I'm loving my paper topics this semester.

English, which is a 3 hour course after 5 hours of work and another hour and a half music class. It's a long day but it's a fun way to end and the prof is totally cool. Plus I have that class with Courtney so it's good like that.

**getting back on track**

Work is super duper. I'm still not hating the kids and my coworkers are largely awesome. obviuosly there are those days that suck completely, but what are you gonna do? Primetime is totally SUCKING, but this month I started taking some days off and don't go in until 9, so that I'm not opening AND closing. and now on Saturdays I'm only working either primetime or a program. So if a program is cancelled, I get the day off. which is pretty super.

This weekend was full of work. There was no program so in theory I would have a lot of time to relax and not do much other than homework and chilling with my family, but not 2 hours after I get home from work, I get a call from Kelly asking if I can babysit all night and all day Sunday for Lissa. I basically got suckered into it because I feel bad saying no, and it is extra money so I stupidly take the job. Thus the being awake at 5am and not being done with my Speech.

However, the speech is on Dr. Seuss, a topic I know much about, and I basically have all the bits and pieces in my head, I just have to get it in an outline and make my Index cards so that I'm all prepped to make a fool out of myself today. Gah! I'm so not looking forward to it. Alright well I guess I'd better get to it. I'll write more later, now that I may actually have time to. And believe it or not, it actually does help to clear my head. Yes.

Catch you on the Flip Side

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1 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
So it's been what? 5 months since I last wrote. And no one's reading this but whatever. I was reading through old posts and it's funny reading through summer goals and all of that crap because I totally didn't accomplish any of that. Summer is most def my lazy season.

So my first semester at LeMoyne is almost over. and it's awesome. I love my classes (except education--odd.) I switched my major to English Lit and drop education altogether in hopes that I'll be motivated to go to grad school and get my doctorate in English so I can teach or just be smart in general. I love being academic. I want to go to school in NYC but it's expensive so I have to start saving up now. Hopefully by then I'll be able to get a loan and so it though.

So why haven't I written in forever and ever? Yeah. School and work is consuming my life. my schedule is such. MWF I do practicum, school, work, and homework then I go to bed. TTH I do school then 6 hours with the kinderkids and then homework and bed. How sad is my life? but according to previous posts its good to keep myself busy so that I'm not sitting at home doing nothing, and I'm obliged to agree with myself.

So yeah. I still miss my desktop, which I have not found time to set up yet. mainly because I don't feel like taking my desk apart and bringing it up to my room. I'm thinking I'll have time to do it after the semester is over in like a week and 2 days. That's the other thing. I have 3 finals in one day. How crazy is that. The worst part about it is that I have to get a sub and don't get the hours for that day. Sometimes I think I should drop out and just work. but then I realize that that's a bad idea because I can't live on 7 an hour and whatnot.

So in the midst of starting up new school and new work and lots of both, I've lost lots of old things. Friends mostly. The weird thing is it's not something I'm too worried about. I've always found that I'm only friends with the people who are forced to deal with me at the time. And if the person doesn't have to deal with me then the friendship tends to be nonexistent. It's something that I've come to understand and accept. I'm not sure if it's a commentary on me, like I can't keep friends, or on me like I'm annoying that I'm only friends with people who absolutely have to deal with me. I'm probably too stubborn or maybe the opposite but I'm not sure that either is the right way to do it. I need to work on compromise. I think my big problem tends to be that I'm too apologetic when I don't really think that anything is my fault, and that gives the other person the opportunity to think that it's all on me. and then I don't want to take all the blame, or fix it all myself and that's it I just don't have friends anymore. ut whatever. because if i had friends I probably would have time for them anyway. yeah. that was a big ramble but it;s been in my mind for awhile and now hopefully it will be less in my mind and more just on this page.

ok I'm done.


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1 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
woah. I'm officially the worst lj summer poster. Work and a few other things have kindof overtaken my life. I still haven' even gotten around to insalling the wireless and I'm on my dad's crappy lappy with it's crappy keyboard.

I wish I had more to report on but altogether my summer has been pretty uneventful. it's half over and I'm more than hapy to be getting a group of girls and to have a break from the craziness of boys for awhile. I don't even mean to and I just catch myself yelling too much with boys because they never listen. I have to think up a new approach for it or something.

So anyway, I'll be apologizing for not writing or commenting in what's probably more than a month. i say it everytime but I'm hoping to start updating more o ften. I miss the slow pace of the school year, which feels like a really ironic statement but its seriously impossible to get a good chuck of free time in the summer. meh. this is boring. perhaps there will be more to report tomorrow after the party tonight (crazy)

♪ Erin

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I swore I was listening
blah. I keep starting an update and then just ditching it because I have very very little to say. but I figure I might as well try and get one good post in before camp starts to dictate my life.

Last week I went to the dentist and it was discovered that I will need to undergo a root canal. Root canals suck. for 2 reasons. 1)they're a huge pain in the ass/ hurt like hell, and 2) they're fucking expensive. so I'm now officially in debt. it sucks. anyway directly after my first appointment I headed over the Day's abode for Helen's and Maureen's grad party, even though I didn't really feel up to dealing with it. It was the only grad party I went to, mainly because helen did the follow up invite, in which she reminded me the day before. Otherwise I tend to forget or not feel like going. so sorry to those people whose parties I didn't go to.

Today was father's day and I got my dad mlb tv so that he could watch baseball while he was on the road. it was a super awesome gift, if I do say so myself. Score one for me still being awesome at giving gifts. (unless you're Helen or Maureen, to whom I did not give gifts because that was in the days of poor)

Other than that I've mostly just been getting things done at home and doing nothing terribly important. I suppose I'm happy about it though. Staff training starts tomorrow, and then camp the monday after that. I'm not excited, and I'm not really nervous. I'm pretty much just indifferent because I'm done with it. I love working with the kids and some of the people can be fun, but I'm just sick of the monotony of it all. I wish last summer was my last summer working there. I don't think I'm cut out for another summer of the drama and pettiness. I'm going to try and stay out of it as much as possible but sometimes it just creates itself. rar. I need to move on from these people and get a real job.

hmmm what can I say to provoke thought? I feel like I have too much time on my hands. I wish I could just do something meaningful. I hate myself because I always say it and never actually do anything about it. It's so ridiculous. The other day I was watching Bill Clinton on Letterman and they were talking about tsunami relief and I had the overwhelming urge to just join up to go over there and help. because even if I got malaria and died or something, at least I would have done something to contribute to the world. and this isn't me feeling sorry for myself, but at present time I can't really think of anyone who would miss me all that much, other than my parents. I feel like I'm at a turning point in my life. like something's going to change to give me direction. I just don't know what it is yet. ramble ramble this probably isn't making sense. ever since I stopped writing in my journal I haven't been able to think clearly. I keep going back and forth between thoughts with no real organized thought. I'm going to try and figure things out over the next week.

so here are my goals for the summer
-Work on my piano/ talk my mom into getting it tuned/ figure out a way to get enough money to pay for it to be tuned
-get another job/ look into volunteer work. I'm done going back and forth about it. I'm getting a job and I'm not going to back down and be lazy anymore
-Finish renovating/ decorating my room. build my wall unit/desk.
-figure out a way to get away from all the crap that's been taking up way too much time of my life. the phrase way was in that sentence 3 times. I really need to start writing more.
-Start keeping my journal. start writing short fiction again.
-read. (this is the part where people suggest books for me to read. the quick fix for when don't know what to comment about, because I heart comments)

alright I suppose I've written enough. I'm going to start to comment more on other people's journals, and I'm thinking I'm going to rejoin some addme communities and get some more friendage going on.

♪ Erin

PS mydesktop gets it's wireless card in a few days. this means 1) I get to post some of the icons I've been making, and 2) I'll probably get around to posting more because I'd be spending more time away from the TV. oh! and 3) lots and lots of notebook watching. hot.

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2 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
I know its been something like a month since I updated. the lappy's been broken and I still haven't gotten my desktop set up. I'm missing my music so much. rar to that.

So since school ended life was boring for awhile but it's been pretty awesome over the past few weeks. I've been hanging out with Katie a lot and with other people a little. my dad had surgery but is getting better fast, so he'll be going back to work a week from tomorrow. which will be good for him and give him something to do again. he's always so bored and I feel bad because I'm not interesting or entertaining. so yeah

there's not much else to say. life is boring but fun. hopefully everyone has not unfriended me while I was gone. it's really late so I'll have to leave with the promise of a more full and interesting update later.

♪ Erin

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1 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
I love this movie. a lot. It was the first old (meaning black and white) movie I can remember watching with my family when I was little. I love the characters and the evolution of opinion in the room. and the camerawork and the lighting. mmm. good times. Also, I will never understand completely why guys in old movies look so much better than the ones in modern movies. Katie and I have come to the conclusion that it's on account of 1) their natural, naturally maintained looks, and 2) they wore suits and hats and sideparted their hair and I think that's a good look for a guy. (mmm old/dead)

Yesterday I went walking with my dad, mom, and Zakk at Beaver Lake, which is a 'nature center' north of the city. we did the 'lake loop' which is about 3 miles, and the water level was high and it was really marshy but otherwise it was a nice walk. I think I'm going to start driving out there to go for runs, because it's cheaper than the gym ($2 to park) and it's nicer than the track at the high school. plus it's really pretty and the airs really fresh up there. yay.

I haven't done much except visited MPH a couple times and done some yardwork for my mom. which I actually have to do more later this week. Its kindof crappy but it's a good workout and I'd rather do it than see my mom do it. So on the agenda this week is;

-get my hair cut
-dig postholes and finish planting the side garden flowers
-bring the clothes I don't want up to the attic
-unpack (I know I should have by now, but there's no real place to unpack things in seeing as how my closet isn't finished and I have no dresser)
-Catch up with some people that are coming home. yay.

Finally, a short rant that occurred to me today. Westcott street, while very cool to hang out at, due to the restaurants and stores and the theatre, is a huge pain in the ass to drive down. mainly because there are so many people going to the restaurants and stores and theatre. Also, if peoples tax dollars are spent on sidewalks, then shouldn't pedestrians use said sidewalks. One would think. It's so annoying because cars park on both sides of the road and people are always popping out of nowhere. rar to Westcott street.

♪ Erin

PS I still want to make another icon. I'm so not inspired... blah.

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2 started drifting :: I swore I was listening
Meh. I'm still annoyed with my life. But I'm not going to apologize for the way I feel, so people have to learn to deal with it.

I haven't done much except stuff with my family lately. But I'm realizing that that's one of my favorite things to do. I don't have to apologize to my family for whatever I might say or do, and they're considerate of other people's feelings, which is a lot more than I can say about some other people.

So I went to MPH Friday for a little bit. It was really nice to see people and I'm excited for hanging out with people this summer. I think my dad and I are going to go up to Plattsburgh (up in the Adirondacks) and visit my family. I was going to try and plan a road trip like that with friends but I'm thinking that wouldn't be successful. So my dad has a couple weeks off while they relocate him to a new project (that's sounds all official) and I'm going to try and talk him into climbing a mountain with me, because I think it's something that everyone should do.

Later today we're going to drive over to Beaver Lake and walk around the lake. and then I'll probably go over to Kelly's and talk her into cutting my hair. I'm excited for more people to come home and for me to get back into the swing of things. I have a bunch of assorted appointments (doctor, dentist, lenscrafters) that I have to make-slash-go to. I know this isn't interesting but if I write it now and read it later then I won't forget.

In conclusion I'm sick of going back and forth with people and I've resolved to just not. I have enough shit in my life as it is. done.

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1 started drifting :: I swore I was listening